Kids Love Stories Just about Them!


Dogs bring comfort to the sick, the lonely, the elderly – and  to kids who need a best friend.

Maybe your child wants to know FOR SURE that there are no monsters under the bed! Or maybe he needs friends at school, even pre-school.

Stories that bring together pictures of your child and your dog can entertain and encourage your child to enjoy her four-legged friend and grow in confidence on the playground – and even tackle rooms with scary monsters. 

Sample Story: Molly Says No!

This story line features a child who does not want to go to bed OR take a bath OR brush her teeth. All because she is convinced that “monsters” might come in her room and hide under the bed when she isn’t watching!

Order a customized Ebook featuring pictures of your child (or children) with your dog (or dogs). We’ll supply the story for you to review, then personalize that story with pictures, names, nicknames and colors that your family will love.

Customized Ebooks make a great gift at holidays or birthdays.

Sample Story: Sammy Needs a Friend!

This story line takes on the challenge of children who have trouble making friends. This child does not want to go to school – and it’s not just a tummy ache. It’s a heart ache. He is not included in games or play and would rather stay at home. 

This customized Ebook features pictures of your child working through the challenge with the help of a family that pays attention, figures out the problem, and brings a four-legged solution into the picture.

Customized Ebooks can be tailored to create a story that is just right for your family. 

I have a cousin who is terrified of monsters, so I sent a picture of my cousin and his dog to Hope’s Pack and bought an Ebook just for him. He LOVED it and thought I was the best cousin ever. 

A.J. in Ohio

Student Intern , Doggie Day Care

I used to be afraid of monsters when I was little, so I get it!  When I saw the Ebooks on Hope’s Pack, I asked my mom if we could order one for my little sister. She said YES, and I read the book to my sister every night!

Ben B.

Big Brother