A Dog on a Mission!

We specialize in selling “helping” things like TOYS, cozy beds, warm coats, and things that keep dogs safe, like collars for their tags, harnesses and leashes for long walks, and even life jackets for a good swim!

Hope is on a personal mission to help every dog – but especially rescue dogs – have fun, be healthy and feel safe in their forever homes.

But Who the heck is Hope?

Hope is a Havanese dog that loves to mind the store and help her new friends shop for things that they need (especially TOYS!).  She still loves her puppy picture with the red harness, but she has grown a lot since then! 

Hope is extra friendly and wishes she could have dog friends ALL the time. So we created this site to help her invite lots of dog friends from to join her “Pack.” Even when she can’t see Pack members, she can learn about them through pictures and stories they send to her. AND Pack members get a newsletter and discounts on FUN stuff.   

In her spare time, Hope is working on becoming a Certified Therapy Dog – after she calms down from the excitement of being Hope.  It may take awhile!  We’ll keep you posted on her progress in the Blog and share some videos of Zooming, FRAPping (Frenetic Random Activity Periods) and generally running around in circles. 

Does your dog get the Zoomies and run all over the house out of the blue?  That’s a great story to share with Pack members! 


Hope’s Team

Behind the Scenes at the Pack!

Hope’s mom is the site builder and the voice at the end of the phone when you call.  Her name is Barbara. She likes to throw toys for Hope to fetch.  But Hope doesn’t like bringing them back – she likes to tease and ALMOST bring them back, then run away again. Barbara thinks that Hope is probably laughing, even with a toy stuffed in her mouth! (She tries to hold two toys in her mouth but hasn’t succeeded yet.)

Hope’s dad, Joe, is a specialist in photography, dog walking, and inventing new games to play with Hope. She likes to go out in the back yard with him and run after sticks. She doesn’t bring THEM back either, but they both get a lot of exercise in the process. 

Joe took all of the pictures of Hope that show up on this site – including the one in the logo. It’s hard to get a dog to smile, but Hope and I think he did a pretty good job. 

Hope’s trainer, Christina, started working with Hope in the very basic puppy classes. Hope looks like SUCH a good girl – but sometimes she just has too much energy!  

 She tells us we are doing a great job helping Hope achieve her potential, but how will she ever be a therapy dog if she can’t focus on something besides chasing lizards, butterflies, moths, cats, humans? You get the idea. We’re still working on this part.

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