Please welcome Mimi, Buddy, Zombie and King, the newest members of Hope’s Pack. Mimi and Buddy live in Ohio, Zombie lives North Carolina and King lives in many places!

They like to come to Hope’s Pack and see pictures of other dogs and read TRUE dog stories!  People who have stories and pictures of their dogs are invited to share!  We will post as many pictures and stories as possible. 

When it comes to shopping, Mimi is very particular about her food bowl. Sigh. She really prefers something as lovely as she is. Buddy loves toys that he can take apart — tug toys are a special favorite.  

Zombie is very particular about his bed — he was a rescue dog and REALLY appreciates an extra comfy bed.  

And King – well – King loves to go for boat rides, wearing his very own life jacket. 

Is your dog really picky about something (besides food, of course!). Let us know and we’ll be happy to share!